Advanced Dental Technology in Brea, CA

Laser Dentistry and Advanced Technology for Comfortable Effective Procedures

Whether you are coming in for teeth cleaning treatments or undergoing more advanced procedures, Dr. J. Dennis Lewis may use laser dentistry protocols as part of your treatment. Our office is equipped with the latest advances in dentistry to ensure patients receive the highest level of care.

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Comprehensive Care with Advanced Dental Technology

We offer needle-free anesthesia, cavity protection products and can even take digital impressions. We work hard to ensure every visit is as comfortable for the patient as possible. Using the latest equipment and advanced techniques allows us to perform many procedures with a high degree of accuracy while delivering faster results.


slide-1This dental laser enables fast healing times and is especially effective for treating cavities in younger patients without injections or drills. This gentle technology is also used for treating periodontal disease, without the typical cutting and stitching of traditional methods.


6v0a7457Our 3D digital scanning device makes it easy to assess your bite and state of your teeth. Digital images from the iTero device are more accurate than traditional, mold-based impressions and can help us perform a number of advanced procedures with a higher success rate. If you are getting dental implants or a filling, we will use the iTero scanner to take digital impressions of the mouth before proceeding with treatment.

Other Advanced Technologies

  • The Wand Anesthesia
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Intraoral Camera
  • MI Paste Plus™
  • Icon Method

We work hard to ensure every visit is as comfortable for the patient as possible