Family Dentistry in Brea, CA

Family Dentistry in Brea, CA

Comprehensive Dental Care for the Entire Family

Turn to our family dentistry practice, for TMJ treatment, pediatric services, laser dentistry procedures and more

Maintain Healthy Smiles at Every Age

Your smile deserves to be healthy and beautiful at every age. Turn to Dr. J. Dennis Lewis for all types of general dentistry procedures, including TMJ treatment and preventive care. We are your family dentist in Brea, CA, for all types of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments. We also offer sedation dentistry services to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during more advanced procedures. Whether you are experiencing TMJ pain or just need to come in for a cleaning, look forward to quality dental care in a relaxing, spa-like environment.


kidstoothbrushDr. Lewis welcomes young patients for pediatric dentistry treatments. We encourage parents to serve as good role models by making their oral health a high priority. Children who see their parents brushing and flossing regularly are more likely to adopt good oral health habits early on. We offer fluoride treatments and sealants for younger patients and work hard to ensure all dental visits are as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.


shutterstock_108080282If you are suffering from chronic TMJ pain, talk to Dr. Lewis about your treatment options. We can work to resolve your pain through a number of measures. Laser technology can help reduce muscle and joint pain, a night guard can help prevent teeth grinding, or an occlusal adjustment (bite adjustment) can ensure the teeth come together properly. We can also make recommendations on lifestyle changes that may reduce jaw tension.


shutterstock_375419851Prevention is the key to better oral health which is why we encourage all patients to come in at least twice a year for dental cleanings. Regular checkups and adequate at-home care regimens are essential components of preventive dentistry.

Other General Dentistry Procedures

Keeping You and Your Family Smiling