Laser Dentistry in Brea, CA

Laser Dentistry in Brea, CA

Minimal Pain, Maximum Results

Laser dentistry technology has changed the way we perform procedures

Comprehensive Care with Dental Lasers

Dr. J. Dennis Lewis uses both the BIOLASE WaterLase MD™ and the WaterLase iPlus 2.0™ lasers to perform laser dentistry procedures that are not only effective, but more comfortable than traditional procedures. Our targeted laser treatments can be performed for cosmetic, restorative and corrective reasons with impressive results. Modern laser technology also allows us to deliver highly targeted and precise treatments for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Whether you need to undergo a root canal or need treatment for periodontal disease, you can turn to Dr. Lewis for several types of gentle laser dentistry treatments.


Benefits of Dental Laser Technology

The latest advances in dental lasers allow us to perform very targeted treatments with a high success rate. Dr. Lewis uses laser technology to assist in a number of procedures, including root canals, tooth extractions and frenectomies. Recovery times are drastically reduced compared to traditional surgical techniques and many patients report less pain and discomfort.

Other benefits of laser dental technology

Other benefits of laser dental technology include:

  • Minimally-invasive treatment process
  • Fast recovery times
  • Predictable results
  • High success rates
  • Computerized and digital mapping
  • Minimal or no trauma to healthy tissue
  • Promotes tissue regeneration

Can be performed under local anesthesia, in some cases

Other Laser Dentistry Procedures

  • Laser periodontal treatment
  • Composite restorations (crowns and onlays)
  • Gingival trophing
  • Gingivectomy
  • Biopsy
  • Crown lengthening

Crown and bridge placements

Learn more about laser dentistry treatment options, including root canal therapy and restorative procedures.