cosmetic dentistry  Brea, CA

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. J. Dennis Lewis is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Brea, CA, offering a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform your smile. If you are concerned about gaps and spaces between your teeth, tooth discoloration or uneven teeth, we have several smile makeover solutions available that can improve your smile. From porcelain veneers to Invisalign®, turn to us for a wide range of solutions that can help you achieve your dream smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction


Do you hide your smile because of gaps, imperfections or missing teeth? Do you wish you had a more attractive smile? Many of our patients have experienced the numerous benefits of a smile makeover, a series of customized, advanced dentistry procedures that can rebuild and restore your smile. Dr. J. Dennis Lewis works with patients of all ages to perform several full mouth reconstruction procedures in-house. You could have a beautiful new smile with our customized treatment plans.


Our smile makeover solutions may include one or a series of restorative and cosmetic procedures designed to transform your smile. Whether you are concerned about missing teeth, worn down teeth or uneven teeth, we can work to correct any issues.

Dr. Lewis will sit down with you to learn about your treatment goals and determine whether you are a good candidate for any of our orthodontic, restorative and tooth replacement procedures. He will then map out a tentative treatment plan with recommended treatment dates so you can achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible. Best of all, many of our procedures can be performed with sedation dentistry so you will not need to worry about pain or discomfort.


Patients who undergo full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover procedures often report enjoying a higher quality of life and more self-confidence when they smile. Restoring proper functioning of the jaw after restorative and cosmetic procedures can eliminate jaw pain, discomfort and TMJ symptoms. Cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening treatments can boost self-confidence. Most patients enjoy better oral health after completing a series of restorative and general dentistry procedures.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

  • Repairs damaged teeth
  • Strengthens weak teeth
  • Improves self-image and self-confidence
  • Restores ability to eat and speak without discomfort
  • Improves jaw mobility
  • Eliminates TMJ-related issues
  • Improves overall jaw function
  • Enhances aesthetics of the smile
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Porcelain Crowns  Brea, CA

Porcelain Crowns

Dr. Lewis performs laser-assisted crown placement and bridge work to prepare the tooth for a custom restoration piece. If any of your teeth have been cracked or damaged, a crown can strengthen and cap the tooth. Bridge work may be needed if you have a missing tooth or compromised chewing due to a gap in your smile. A bridge consists of two or more crowns that affix to the surrounding teeth, to create a seamless look. In some cases, Dr. Lewis may recommend a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or teeth, which is a more natural solution.

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Invisalign  Brea, CA


Flaws in your smile may be taking away from its natural beauty. If you have considered braces but do not like the idea of dealing with metal wires or brackets, consider the benefits of virtually invisible aligners. Invisalign is an innovative alternative to braces that effectively straightens teeth without noticeable and uncomfortable wires. Treatment with Invisalign means you could have your dream smile in a matter of months.

Benefits of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

You may be a good candidate for Invisalign if you want to feel more confident in your smile and want a nearly invisible solution. As long as your gums are in good health and you are prepared to wear the thin, clear aligners most of the day and night, you could be the ideal candidate for Invisalign.

Unlike traditional braces, the aligner trays are removable. You are free to eat your favorite foods and enjoy all types of beverages without discomfort. You can also brush and floss your teeth as normal. The aligner trays work by gently putting pressure on the teeth. You receive a new set of trays every couple of weeks or months as your teeth start to shift into their desired position.

Life After Invisalign®

Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment with Invisalign often report a higher quality of life and increased self-confidence. You will need to be fitted with a retainer to maintain results and should not need any further orthodontic treatment throughout your lifetime. Imagine how great you will feel when you can smile again with confidence and can show off your new, beautiful look. Invisalign can make that happen and Dr. Lewis is here to perform your Smile Analysis.

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Teeth Whitening  Brea, CA

Teeth Whitening

Yellowing teeth or visible tooth stains can be difficult to manage with over-the-counter whitening products. Come in for professional teeth whitening services for the safest and most effective method for brightening your smile. We take special precautions to protect your gums and teeth during the process, and can brighten your smile by several shades in one visit.

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